Our Staff

Korinthia KleinKorinthia Klein is a violin maker, writer, musician, and mother of three living in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee. Originally from Michigan, she has a BA degree in music from The Ohio State University with distinction in Music Cognition. She has performed with the York Symphony Orchestra in York, PA and the West Shore Symphony Orchestra in Harrisburg, PA. Currently she plays viola with Milwaukee's Festival City Symphony and mandola with the Milwaukee Mandolin Orchestra. She was on the faculty of the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music for about 20 years. Korinthia completed a four year apprenticeship at the New World School of Violin Making in 2000, and worked for several years doing repairs and rehairs at Classical Strings before opening her own shop in 2008. You can follow her adventures in parenting and violin making on her blog.

Korinthia is the co-owner and operator of Korinthian Violins. She builds violins and violas, does instrument repairs and bow rehairs, and can solve your Rubik's cube if you haven't rearranged the stickers.

Ian WeisserIan Weisser is co-owner of Korinthian Violins, and handles many back office tasks. He is also the Linux computer guru that keeps this website running, and the often-at-home father of three.