Looking for a gift for a string player in your life?

We have ideas! We also have gift certificates. Contact us today to let us know what we can do to help brighten the day for someone who loves violin, viola, or cello.

Chocolate Violins

Chocolate Violins

$1.75 each

Made locally, individually wrapped, a perfect small gift for any musician who could use a treat.

Mini Violin

Mini Violin with Case and Bow


Our most popular 3-inch gift. Everyone loves a mini.


Strad and Sartory Rosins

$25 each

A practical gift for a violinist, violist, or cellist, that is more of a fancy splurge than they might typically do for themselves. We also have a variety of other rosin available if the player you know is particular about a certain brand. Rosin is always a good gift for a string player.

Book: My Violin Needs Help!

My Violin Needs Help!
A Repair Diagnostics Guide for Players and Teachers


New out this year, this book is designed to help players and teachers troubleshoot basic issues that come up with violin family instruments before having to go to a luthier. This book is available online and everywhere books are sold (example), but personalized signed copies can be obtained only from Korinthian Violins directly.

Books by Korinthia Klein

Support your local novelist!

Korinthia Klein’s three novels are available online and everywhere books are sold, but personalized signed copies can be obtained only from Korinthian Violins directly.

$15 each



Strings are always a good gift, and a convenient stocking stuffer. Contact us for options and prices

Rubik's Cube

Korinthian Violins Rubik’s Cube


Free solving for those who mix it up and can’t solve it themselves.

Bow Keychain

Bow Key Chains

$10 each


Korinthian Violins Music Clock


Designed by Korinthia Klein, this 10” clock is a small version of the giant clock displayed in our store.

Musical Magnets


$10 each