Instruments and Bows

Korinthian Violins offers a range of violins and violas catering to the needs of students and professionals. We offer a small selection of student cellos. We do not carry basses.

  • The price range of instruments available in our inventory tends to be around $600 to $10,000.
  • The price range of bows (available for violin, viola, and cello) is $50 to $3000.

For beginners, and anyone in a fractional sized instrument, we recommend that people rent to start. However, the same instruments we rent, we also have for sale. The price for a violin outfit is currently $600, and a viola outfit is $700. Korinthian Violins no longer rents cellos, but the outfits we used to offer in our program are still for sale for $1800.

For people looking to move up from renting, we offer a step-up violin outfit for $1000, which is made by the same company as our rental instruments, but with a better bow, better case, and an instrument made from slightly better materials.

Most people looking to move up from renting tend to budget a minimum of around $1500 for just the violin alone, around $150 for a case, and between $100 and $400 for a bow. For viola, those numbers are a bit higher.

Keep in mind when shopping for instruments that “used” does not generally translate to “less expensive” in the violin world. (The most “used” violins in the world can cost millions!) When looking for cheaper instruments, “new” is often a better deal when factoring in the cost of maintenance. And before considering buying something cheap online or elsewhere in the hopes of getting a deal, be aware that the amount of work it typically takes to bring such an instrument into playable condition, usually brings you right back up to what you probably should have payed to begin with. Cheap instruments tend to be cheap for scary reasons.

For people who have been playing student instruments and are looking to upgrade, Korinthian Violins offers and array of handmade instruments, as well as instruments on consignment. Contact us to inquire what may currently be available in our inventory.

Korinthian Violins offers discounts to our rental customers in good standing when they are ready to purchase. We will also buy back instruments and bows purchased from us that are still in salable condition for half of what you paid.

We seldom purchase outside instruments from private sellers, but you are always welcome to ask.

Buying an instrument is a fascinating process, and we are happy to help you start that journey with us. Please let us know how we can help.


Full size violin: We keep Dominants, Rondos, Evah Pirazzis, Evah Pirazzi Golds, Obligatos, Visions, Vision Solo, Vision Titanium Solos, and a variety of Pirastro and other E strings in stock.

Fractional violins: We carry Visions.

Viola: Dominants, Evah Pirazzis, Evah Pirazzi Golds, Obligatos, Helicores, and A strings and D strings available in Larsen and Jargar.

Cello: Spirocores, Dominants, Jargars, Helicores, and Larsens. Most of these are not available as full sets because most cellists mix their strings.

We do not carry bass strings.

We are happy to order other strings for you if you want something we don't normally carry. Our prices are competitive with internet stores.


We carry many accessories for violin family instruments, including folding stands, various shoulder rests, endpin stops, rosin, electronic tuners, metronomes, mutes, etc. Feel free to call or email to check on the availability of a specific item.

Cases. Our most popular violin case is the Courier which is only $150 and has excellent storage capacity. We also offer cases by Bobelock, Tonareli, Baker Street, and Howard Core among others. Anything Shar offers, we can usually have in our store for the same price within a week.

Sheet Music. We carry whatever books local teachers specifically ask us to stock, so we usually have the Suzuki series of books for violin and viola (available with and without CD, book 1 available for cello and bass as well), Essential Elements (book 1, violin), the Sassmanhaus series (violin), and assorted Avsharian books. If you are a teacher and have other things you would like us to keep in stock please contact us and let us know! We would be happy to keep things on hand that your students need.

Trades, Buybacks, and Consignment

First, you need to know how much it's worth. That means you need a market appraisal from somebody else, or documentation (like your purchase receipt).

  • If you want the full value of the instrument, you need to sell it yourself. Try putting up notices on music school bulletin boards.
  • We buy back instruments that we sold to you for 50% of the purchase price, depending upon its condition.
  • We do not buy student-grade instruments that we did not originally sell.
  • We rarely buy instruments that we did not originally sell. When we do, we typically we offer less than half of the market value.
  • We do sell some instruments on consignment. The consignor receives 80% of the sale minus any work needed to make the instrument saleable.

If I don't think I can realistically find a buyer for your instrument I will tell you so, and can recommend other places to try. At that point you may also consider the possibility of donating the instrument to an orchestra program in exchange for a tax deduction.

Handmade instruments for sale

Instrument Under Construction

Korinthia also builds instruments on commission. Violins start at $8000, and violas at $9000. Clients can have a say in choosing their wood, the instrument model, fittings, and varnish color, as well as any custom markings or carvings to certain areas of the instrument to make it uniquely their own. There is currently a waiting list for commissioned instruments.