Korinthian Violins offers an assortment of basic maintenance and repair work for violin family instruments. We cannot promise prices on repairs without seeing the instrument in person. Prices and turnaround vary based on the particular circumstances, but here is a general list of repairs and their typical cost:

  • Seam gluing (5 clamps): $30
  • Fingerboard dressing: $75 violin/viola, $100 cello
  • Cleaning and retouch: $25-50 violin/viola $50-100 cello
  • Soundpost adjustment: $10-35
  • New soundpost: $50 violin/viola, $75 cello
  • Violin/viola bridge: $60-125 (bridge with pickup: $150)
  • Cello bridge: $150-275
  • Adjusting a bridge: $5-45
  • Bushing a pegbox (includes pegs): $300 violin/viola, $500 cello
  • File fitting new pegs: $30 each violin/viola, $45 each cello
  • Tailpiece (installed): $30-45 violin/viola, $50 cello
  • New violin/viola endbutton: $20
  • New cello endpin: $50
  • Raise nut: $35 violin/viola, $45 cello
  • New nut: $60 violin/viola, $80 cello
  • Adjusting pegs: $5-25
  • Gluing cracks: $35-100
  • Work that involves removing a violin/viola top: starts at $500
  • Instruments set up for display purposes only: $50-100

We check the instrument and provide you a repair estimate before beginning any repair work.

We do annual fleet maintenance for local schools, too.

If you are interested in more information about particular repairs and what they involve, please feel free to contact us.

Bow Rehairs

Korinthian Violins rehairs bows for violin, viola, cello and bass. We do not rehair baroque bows. A rehair includes a thorough cleaning of all parts and polishing of the stick. The turnaround time is one week or less. Same day rehairs are not possible during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • $85 Violin and Viola
  • $95 Cello
  • $100 Bass

We use the same superior quality Mongolian horse hair for all bows.

Minor Bow Repairs: Korinthian Violins can also replace leather thumbgrips for $30, lizard thubgrips for $45, and collars for $10.

We do not do advanced bow repair or restoration, such as wraps, eyelet work, replacement of slides or eyes, or headplate repair. For more advanced bow work or bow appraisals we recommend John Hawkins at (920) 912-0412.