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Korinthian Violins has two studio spaces available in our building. Both are full apartments (complete with bathroom and small kitchen) set up with a waiting area and spacious teaching area. Free parking adjacent to the building or close by. Korinthian Violins is located only two blocks from South Shore Park, and one block from Kinnickinnic's many coffee shops.

Our Downstairs Studio comes equipped free wi-fi, a dry erase board with staff markings, a keyboard, several stands and chairs, a copier, full-length mirror, storage shelves for books and teaching aids, and basic supplies such as rosin, pencils, and staff paper.

Teaching Studio

Teaching Space

The downstairs studio also has a small play area for little siblings.

Teaching Studio Playroom

Our Upstairs Studio comes equipped with free wi-fi, a dry erase board, a keyboard (upon request), stands and chairs, a copier, full-length mirror, and basic supplies such as rosin, pencils, and staff paper.

Teaching Studio

Teaching Studio

Teaching Studio

Both studios are available for rent to teachers, or to students who need individual or small group practice space, at the rate of $10 per hour. Rent is paid in advance at the beginning of the month to reserve blocks of time in the studio. Korinthian Violins does not hire teachers, but is happy to help match teachers with students as they come to the store looking for lessons, and will promote teachers both on this website and in the store. Teachers set their own rates for lessons within their studio and are under no obligation to have their students rent or purchase anything through Korinthian Violins.

The studios have their own street entrance on Rusk, and teachers will be provided access independent of store hours. Parking is free and convenient. Studio times are available seven days a week between the hours of 9:00 am and 9:00 pm.

Waiting Area

If you are a teacher looking to rent our space please contact us during store hours at 414-744-1350, or anytime via email at kory@korinthianviolins.com .

If you are a student looking to take lessons at Korinthian Violins, please take a look at our list of teachers .